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Premium Paper, Metal and Plastic Business Cards

Premium Paper Postcards, Stamps, Stickers

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Business Account Service for 5 or more employees

Designer Business Card Templates

Tailored Branding Strategies (Packaging, retail, promotional material)


Our Materials and Printing Services

Formink Metals: Stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, single-sided mirrored stainless steel, electroplated rose gold stainless steel, electroplated gold stainless steel, electroplated brushed bronze stainless steel, electrocoated satin black stainless steel

Formink Metal Printing Techniques: Engraving and cutting through acid etching, color filled engraving, color printing directly on metal, rounded corners

Formink Papers: Double sided classic silk matte, thick luxury white, suede, ivory, pearl, black, charcoal wool, eco kraft premium papers

Formink Paper Printing Techniques: Full color double sided printing, custom die cuts, laser cutting, rounded corners, lettepressing, blind or color embossing and debossing, metal foil stamping, spot gloss, crystal text

Formink Plastics: Opaque and translucent pvc

Formink Plastic Printing Techniques: Full color printing, metal foil stamping, rounded corners

Formink Tailored Branding Strategies: Fully customizable packaging, retail display & promotional items


Our Background

Formink is a full service design & e-commerce start-up founded early 2012 by a group of graphic, branding and product designers seeking greater accessibility and affordability of quality, customizable, high-end printed products for individuals & businesses looking to increase their brand awareness and identity.

We can take businesses and branding across all facets of printed and fabricated products offering both graphic & branding design services as well as providing in-house printing services for luxe business cards, unique custom collateral, packaging & more.

Over the past year the Formink research and design team have searched wide and far to find the best range and quality of papers, metals and plastics. Our goal is to provide a range of diverse techniques to make your printed products stand higher above traditional, standard inkjet or laser printing. We hope that graphic designers, creative individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, small to large companies, restaurants, hotels, creative towards technical industries, parents, aficionados and more can achieve new limits to their marketing/branding efforts, whether its handing out your business cards, distributing news or event information through our postcards, selling products with our awesome packaging or product tags and more through our cutting edge selection of materials and printing techniques.


Our Service

Formink provides outstanding customer service and attention to detail. We provide a complimentary proof for every printed product ensuring quality assurance and great results. All our products are individually hand packed in our exclusive Formink designed packaging.

If you have any questions, comments, or product suggestions we'd love to hear from you! Please contact us at info@formink.com

To all of you, from all of us - Thank you and Happy Shopping!